Martha Stewart Living - Publication / by industrie id


At first we were tounge tied too, when we found out that the Martha Stewart Living team is coming to our humble abode. Being Featured on their Published magazine is such an honour to our team and also a great opportunity to realize how great minds think alike. Like Martha Stewart Living , IND.USTRIE believes in the power of sustainable and DIY design it is so inspiring to have been able to discuss and share stories with each other.

We would like to give credits our talented journalist Ms. Widha Karina  and Photographer Mr. Yudha Gunawan, as not only they were very humble but also supportive towards local sustainable business. We also would like to encourage all of our readers who shares the same passion to pass the torch and inspire others too. We should all work towards a better future and a sustainable lifestyle. If you have seen our feature, don't forget to tag us at instagram @industrieid or #industrieid, we would love to hear your comments.