IDEA Magazine - July / by industrie id


July has been an eventful month for the IND.USTRIE team, not only have we met so many new familiar faces in the Ramadhan gatherings, Local taste. ID but also we were blessed to have been featured on our second publication. As we might have mentioned earlier in the year, we were approached by IDEA magazine to do an article; little did we know that they wanted to feature us for the digital magazine as well as the printed ones. Our team were ecstatic when they saw the 6 page spread on the magazine. Thank you to Ms. Nathania Hapsari and Ms. Adeline Krisanti for writing and taking such great pictures. We are honored to have been chosen as one of your recommended restaurants around the Bintaro area. The IND.USTRIE team is forever grateful for your love. We hope to see you again very ,very soon.

Stay hungry Foodies