2016: A Grateful Year by industrie id

Grateful on its own is an eight letter english word, that begins with a "G" and ends with an "L". Created by man to express appreciation, in a passive and less active term with no real purpose, but to communicate. If asked what it is meant to be grateful, countless individuals would simply provide a synonym and that is to be thankful, but are both words truly exchangeable? We have to remember that to be thankful is still an active action very much similar to appreciation, but to be grateful is to give thanks even when there is nothing to be thankful about.

Similarly, 2015 could be said to have been one of the most difficult year for Ind.ustrie Kitchen and Coffee and although we fell many times and the light at the end of the tunnel never showed up, here we are in 2016, barely standing but still breathing. We from the Ind.ustrie Kitchen and Coffee team are grateful for a lot of things, the opportunity to serve our dear customers fresh coffee, the short 5 seconds of fame when we get covered in magazines and news articles, but most of all we're grateful that to this day we have customers coming back and telling us how much they love our food. There is truly nothing better than to know that your customers love what you do as much as you love what you do, it makes those 2-am commute bearable, the long nights in front of the computer exciting and the working on a holiday slump memorable.

Entering into 2016, we want to especially reflect on the countless articles scattered on Google about our little restaurant. We want to brag, but really there isn't that many article and yet we already feel like we're kings of the world, GRATEFUL for the chance to have been reviewed good or bad. Below you can find the top 5 Articles on Google made by Qraved mentioning or spotlighting Ind.ustrie Kitchen and Coffee. We love their authors and hopefully their authors loves us, we're hoping that our loyal customers could help them as well by paying a visit/ or re-visiting the various articles that have mentioned us, provide comments and show support to the Qraved community. Especially, on their latest article titled "5 MENU GOKIL ALA INDONESIA DI IND.USTRIE", which were posted a little earlier last December of 2015. We also hope that entering 2016, we can also be bold in terms of how we serve you, by introducing new menus, original concepts and even more fresh produce from the locals in Indonesia.

All in all, we would like to wish you a Merry Belated Christmas for those celebrating and wishing you the Happiest of All New Years in 2016. We hope that on this journey one calls life, each of our customers would continue to enjoy our food for the years to come and that we too can continue to maintain and improve the quality of food and services we provide.


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Go Girl Expo 2014 by industrie id

Every great adventure starts with a simple step and a whole bag full of courage. The IND.USTRIE team starts off with a humble beginning and a mission to change the world, okay perhaps let us just start with Jakarta first  ;p. Until today we have been entrusted with so many opportunities; some of which are beyond our comprehension. One of them was to be a part of Gogirl Expo 2014 - Senayan City; 4-9 September 2014. For us to have been invited as a tenant in this yearly event was a big deal, considering that we are still such a rookie in this business and Go Girl Magazine is considered as one of the big player in the media industry.

With the array of events that's in our pocket, we were no match to the competitors and were expecting a big corporation that is filled with technicality and rules. On the contrary this event was not like any other that we have been to. From the get go the Technical meeting was organized neatly with all documentations needed placed in a folder; paired with sound explanations by the PICs. Although it was said that the venue was strict with rules, all the committees were very accommodating down to the installation vendors. We felt like we were a part of their team.

Along with that Go Girl also supported us in providing small coaching seminars for young entrepreneur to improve our knowledge in marketing our products. We were in awe at how supportive this organization is to newbies like us. The event proves that people who are passionate about their work are just that much more fun to work with , as it never feels like we were working with them ; more like playing together.

The event were filled with well known artist from all around Jakarta, Maudy Ayunda, Petra Sihombing , The Dandees, Endah & Rhesa  to name a few . For the three days we were there, our team got to meet so many big sponsors like Dove and Ponds; It was truly such an honor to have worked alongside them. We were also grateful to have been able to serve all of our food to the #foodies that turn up; as on all 3 days you guys finished up all of our stocks, an all time record! It is endearing when people appreciate fresh food.

They say count your blessings not your troubles. The IND.USTRIE team have never been so smitten on an event; We definitely want IN on the next Go Girl Event !

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